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Respectful comments are welcome. Abusive, pornographic or the like are not welcome and your account may be suspended.

The User agrees that MedExplorer shall not be liable and assumes no liability for any information provided through this website or respective links. Anyone using this information does so of their own volition and at their own risk. Should you require information in regards to a specific medical condition, please contact your family physician or other appropriate physician. Specific Medical Advice will not be provided by MedExplorer. MedExplorer urges you to visit a qualified physician or in the event of an emergency, contact your local emergency services or seek immediate care at an emergency department.

MedExplorer makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link(s) on this site. The user acknowledges some articles may be promoted articles and will be identified as such.

The User agrees that any litigation involving MedExplorer shall be brought solely within the Province of Alberta and shall be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Alberta.

The User further agrees that these conditions and any rights, duties, and obligations between MedExplorer and the User shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance of the laws of the Province of Alberta and no other jurisdiction.

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Respectful comments are welcome. Abusive posts, pornographic posts or the like are not welcome and your account may be suspended. Inappropriate posts or repetitive posts are not welcome and your account may be suspended.

Suspended accounts may be for a defined time period or permanent if deemed necessary.

Privacy Policy
MedExplorer doe not share personal information with third-parties without your permission. This privacy policy is subject to change.


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